Debt Busters: Getting Over the Holiday Cheer

It‘s January and we have made it through the joyous giving season!  We’ve bought the perfect cowboy boots for our college age daughter; the G. Harvey painting that is a collectors dream, gift cards for all.  Then it happens, all of our credit card bills arrive.  All of the smiles and happiness that these things brought to us last month are now dreaded bills.

Here are a few practical things to do now and in the future to enjoy Christmas year round.

  1.  Take small steps towards getting out of debt.  Get rid of your credit cards and get  a debit card.  This will force you to spend only what you have.
  2.  Start saving now for Christmas.  Budget the amount that you want to spend on each individual and don’t go over it.
  3.  Once you have your list, start buying the items as you see them throughout the year. Watch for sales on must-have items.  Buying throughout the year also reduces last minute shopping stress.
  4. When December comes, relax and enjoy the month, knowing that you’ve already paid for Christmas and the gifts are already under the tree!

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